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Agora PRO Atlantis & Argos

Professional fabrics for contract

Performance fabrics of the highest quality created to maximize the relaxing and luxurious lifestyle of the modern aquaphile. Argos & Atlantis take Agora beyond its wildest adventures to places it hadn’t reached before. An ideal choice for indoor and outdoor furniture in places of high traffic like spas, restaurants, poolside, and super yachts.

Atlantis 20007

80.82% PVC Phthalate free 19.18% Polyester
Sanitized-Actifresh® Embossed
Ref: 20007
Ref: 20013
Ref: 20005
Ref: 20003
Ref: 20010
Ref: 20006
Ref: 20012
Ref: 20004
Ref: 20002
Ref: 20008
Ref: 20011
Ref: 20009

Technical data

Composition 80.82% PVC Phthalate free
19.18% Polyester
Width 137cm
Weight 730g/m2
Length of rolls 30m
Finish Sanitized-Actifresh®
UPF 50+
AZ/NZS 4399/1996
Water column >10.000 mm
DIN EN 20811
Tear resistance Warp 25N Weft 25N
ISO 4674 - 1
Tensile strength Warp 350N Weft 300N
ISO 1421 1
Vynil adhesion Warp 20N Weft 20N
ISO 2411
Elongation/deformation Warp 25% min/10% max Weft 50% min/18% max
SAE J855
Abrassion resistance >400.000 Martindale DIN EN ISO 12947-2:2016
>50.000 Wyzenbeek CFFA 1A
Oil resistance No change
DIN 53 359
Cold impact No cracks
FLTM BN 128-01
Flame resistance DIN 4102 B2
Önorm B 3825 Group 1
EN 1021 Parts 1 & 2
UNI 9175 Class 1/IM
ÖNORM A 3800 Part 1 Class Q1
SAE J369/MVSS302 100mm/min. max
IMO-MSC-307(88) (FTP code 2010) Annex 1 Part 8
FAR 25/853 Appendix F Part I 10”
FED-STD-191A Test 5903 6 in max.
To light 6/8
UNE EN ISO 105-B02:2014
To sea water 4-5/5
DIN EN ISO 105-E02
To chlorinated water 4/5
UNE EN ISO 105-E03:2010
To artificial saliva 5/5
DIN 53 160 - 1
To artificial sweat 5/5
DIN 53 160-2
To perspiration 4-5/5
DIN EN ISO 105 E - 04
To rubbing Dry 5.0 in AATCC Wet 5.0 AATCC
UNE EN ISO 105-X12:2016
Thermal aging 4/5
LP - 463LB - 13 - 01


The cleaning of the Agora PRO Atlantis & Argos fabrics require the use of neutral soap.


Recommended uses


The Agora warranty covers abnormal fabric damage due to fading or resistance loss under normal conditions of exposure, including sun, mould, rot and chemicals in the atmosphere in general, provided the fabric has been correctly installed, used and maintained. The installation work of the distributor is not covered by the warranty. The warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, accidental burns, negligence or piercing