the fabric

Agora Air

Lightness and softness

A lightweight fabric, 300 cm wide, easy to maintain, excellent for use in vertical décor. Agora® Air offers multiple possibilities and is perfect in large, bright and open settings, bringing that sought-after fresh, elegant touch. An understated, delicate colour range that is integrated into the most demanding spaces.

Air 1670

70% Solution Dyed Acrylic 30% PES FR
Ref: 1670
Ref: 1671
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Technical data

Composition 70% Solution Dyed Acrylic 30% PES FR
Width 300 cm
Weight 148 g/m2
Lenght of rolls 50m full width
Finish Softened
Colour fastness to light 7/8 UNE EN ISO 105-B02:2014
Colour fastness to artificial weathering 4/5 UNE EN ISO 105-B04:1998
Colour fastness to rubbing 4/5 UNE EN ISO 105-X12:2016
Colour fastness to chlorinated water 5/5 UNE EN ISO 105-E03:2010
Ultraviolet protection factor UPF 50+ AZ/NZS 4399/1996
Tear resistance Warp 29 N - Weft 48 N
UNE EN ISO 13937-3:2001
Slippage resistant Warp 6,0 mm - Weft 6,0 mm
UNE EN ISO 13936-2:2004
Tensile strength Warp 480N - Weft 970N
UNE EN ISO 13934-1:2013
Shrinkage to washing Warp -1’5% - Weft 0%
UNE EN ISO 5077:2007


Agora® fabrics can be washed simply with water in most cases, but remember that the most stubborn dirt can be removed with common household cleaning products, including bleach. Fast drying and wrinkle resistant, our fabrics will look like new for years.


Recommended uses


The Agora warranty covers abnormal fabric damage due to fading or resistance loss under normal conditions of exposure, including sun, mould, rot and chemicals in the atmosphere in general, provided the fabric has been correctly installed, used and maintained. The installation work of the distributor is not covered by the warranty. The warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, accidental burns, negligence or piercing. Waterproof and FR treatments: Recommended for cushions and upholstery only. Make sure the laminated side is on the inside and do not expose it to the sun or to poor weather.