in balance

Armonias, derived from the Spanish word for "harmony", is the interweaving of contrasting textures and palettes that cause a combination to behold, bringing unity to your outdoor spaces.

Meticulously crafted with our 100% solution-dyed acrylic fibre, combine soft pastel tones and captivating dark hues to compose your own projects.

Armonias evokes a sense of contentment commonly found in ikigai, hygge and lagom. By incorporating the ideas found in these concepts, we created a collection that elicits comfort with moderation.

Let Agora® Armonias become a celebration of balance, the middle ground for aesthetics and functionality.

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that represents the idea of finding purpose and fulfilment in life by pursuing the junction of four key elements: your passion, your talent or skill, your mission and your vocation.

Hygge is a Danish term described as a sense of cosiness, comfort and contentment. It is a cultural concept that represents a lifestyle focused on personal satisfaction and the creation of a warmth, inviting atmosphere.

Lagom is a Swedish term often described as "just the right amount". This cultural concept epitomizes the idea of equilibrium and moderation by offering precisely the right measure of everything.

Líneas Agora Armonias